Precision tools with craftsmanship quality!

Explore the excellence of machining

with precision Swiss made tools!

Precision and versatility

Our machining products offer flawless results and suit a wide range of needs.

Durability and reliability

The durability and reliability of our products ensure consistent performance and long service life, delivering value over time.

Swiss made & Swiss based

Our company is based in Switzerland, and our products are manufactured to the highest Swiss standards of quality and precision.

Recognized by local and international brands and organizations of all sizes

Who we are

Providing reliable and affordable tools

We offer tools with Swiss precision, at affordable prices, enabling professionals and industries to excel without compromising the budget.

From Switzerland all over the world

Swiss excellence, precision craftsmanship and innovative technologies travel together to deliver superior tools, meeting the needs of professionals in every corner of the globe.

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Constantly improving

Continuous evolution: overcoming the limits of excellence

We strive to exceed our past successes by constantly innovating to improve our performance, products and services. Through a relentless commitment to excellence, we are determined to push the boundaries and anticipate the evolving needs of our clients, always ensuring extraordinary results.


Inspiring excellence through innovation, leadership and trusted partnerships, shaping the future of the industry with passion and commitment.


We provide outstanding tools for professionals and industries, improving skills, achieving goals and inspiring confidence with innovative, high-quality products.


Committed to precision, quality and customer satisfaction, we constantly innovate, anticipating future needs and offering trusted global partnerships.

Precision tools for every industrial and non-industrial need

Our wide range of products is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your manufacturing operations. From micro drills to end-mills, from reamers to semi-finished products, we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our customer’s request special tools ensure the highest precision and customized solutions. Choose the quality of our tools to achieve outstanding results in your industrial production.

Why choose us

Proudly made in Switzerland!

Choose us for our dedication to Swiss excellence. Our “Proudly Made in Switzerland” label represents uncompromising quality, reliability and performance.

Let's grow up together

Try our tools

We are ready to exceed all expectations with our range of drills, end-mills, reamers and more. Contact us now to get the quality and accuracy you deserve!

Our team

An experienced and passionate team united in creating successful solutions for you.

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Explore a world of precision and reliability with our company specializing in the manufacture of drills, end-mills, reamers, ground bars and more.

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